Green Roof System

What is Grassroof?

Grassroof is a simple yet effective green roof system that can be used for new-buildings or retro-fit flat roof construction. The lightweight structure can be used to good effect across a range of EXTENSIVE, SIMPLE INTENSIVE, or INTENSIVE APPLICATIONS used either as the paving layer or a drainage enabling base layer.

Every building that replaces naturally draining ground with a roofed structure or hard paved external works will be tilting the balance of our natural eco-system towards increasing ecological harm. A green roof provides the opportunity to both arrest future harm and repair some of the damage already done.

Typical Benifits

  • Attenuation of surface water run-off including ultimate reduction in run off levels, reducing potential for flooding.
  • Maintenance of natural levels of evapo-transpiration.
  • Greener landscaping
  • Promotion of green space awareness benefits particularly on mid-level roofs.
  • Noise reduction.
  • Improved thermal insulation.
  • Balancing through digestion of CO2 levels rising from ground level traffic flow.
  • Protection of the underlying roof membrane from weathering.

The grassroof system combines the functions of both a paving and a drainage layer. The LS/1 leg supports are simply bonded to the roof membrane to create a gap to the underside of the paver. With the GRF/1 type this gap is infilled with a lightweight aggregate filter media. For the GRF/2 type the bonded geo-textile to the underside of each unit creates a micro-porous barrier that holds the soil in place but allows water to percolate into a voided drainage waterway below. This enables percolating water to be drained or collected as part of a rainwater harvesting process.